Bay to breakers topless. Night overtaking them they camped on the beach.

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Bay to Breakers,

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One of the few men who was saved of those at Pukekura, was Moehuka.

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Bay to Breakers

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The Kai-Tahu, who came down the coast, distinguished themselves by fighting one another.

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The locals probably haven't even woken up yet for the party that starts in an hour or so, and is known to dump 17 tons of trash in four hours.

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Breakers by Anne May Wold.

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The idea of a grown-up running naked in the full sun was stunning, but the implication that witnessing such a thing might damage me in some way made it simultaneously repellent and tantalizing.

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As soon as the struggle commenced Te Wera killed Kapo at once.

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Along the way we spotted many red and white striped "Where's Waldos," a few Stephen Curry lookalikes, at least one inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex, and yes, the usual handful of naked runners.

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On October 22nd,Goat Island Peninsula, area 4 acres, was vested as a scenic reserve under the control of the Otago University.

I am very impressed with the quality of shot produced by this little camera, shot as is.

Runners removed their ball caps, cowboy hats, pith helmets, ruby crowns, and rabbit ears; they pulled back ninja scarves, goat masks, scuba masks, beekeeper veils, wedding veils, and listened reverently as the national anthem played over loudspeakers.